Talk: Data Driven Living

I recently did a talk about digital health, behavior change & data, titled ‘Data Driven Living’. The premise of the talk was that we are faced with a crisis that, on the surface, seems impossible to resolve. The US spends circa $1T every year treating preventable diseases and a myriad of health conditions that shouldn’t even exist and, along with the fact that people are suffering in very real ways, current trends would suggest that the healthcare system is in pole position to literally bankrupt the US (and other large economies).

When you look at the whole system, with its various imperfections, it appears to be an insurmountable problem. However, when you look at it from a different angle, it becomes fairly evident that by simply modifying peoples’ behavior around nutriton and lifestyle, the majority of these preventable diseases would disappear. This is not to say that addressing the structural flaws and inefficiencies in the system is not important and necessary, rather that we have other options.

Thankfully, digital health companies are exploding onto the scene and are starting to focus on addressing this problem in non-traditional ways. This talk gives an overview of some of these companies and provides some context for how we can start to think about alternative solutions to a very large problem.

@zakholdsworth, Data Driven Living, MindshareLA, May 2012
Accompanying Prezi Presentation

Thanks to members of the following teams for either directly or indirectly helping me prepare this talk: AzumioBasisFitbit, Integrated PlasmonicsMassive HealthMC10Nike FuelRock HealthWellnessFX, Withings & Zeo



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